Job interview


Job interview is an interview with the employer during which the employer selects its future employee and the candidate decides whether the offer meets their expectations. Job interview is the best method to get to know candidates.

The employer wants to know:

  • if your qualifications are reliable and adequate for the position,
  • if your work experience is adequate for the position and if it the information provided in the CV is true and correct,
  • What your interpersonal skills are.

Before the interview please find out:

  • when the company was established and what it handles,
  • its position on the market and perspectives for growth,
  • what competences are necessary for the position you are applying for and what soft skills may by preferred.

Going to a job interview:

  • take copies of all relevant documents – they may come handy;
  • try to anticipate the questions that the prospective employer might ask;
  • think about the answers – do not avoid difficult or sensitive questions.